Does this sound familiar?

  • I can never stay on top of all of the paperwork and I feel like I lose stuff when it goes into a drawer. I’ve tried to get organized in the past, but I can’t keep it up and my systems fail.
  • I'm tired of reading organizing tips and books that don't seem to work for me and I end up disorganized again few months later.

  • I get help to keep my home clean, it makes sense to get help to stay organized too.

How we help:

We come to your home each month to organize every room, closet and pile of paperwork. We maintain your systems and ensure they are running smoothly.

You will:

  • Stay organized all year long, no matter how busy your life gets.
  • Always be ready to welcome guests into an organized home.
  • Receive priority scheduling to ensure sessions fit into your busy life.
  • Spend your time on the things you love and need to do, rather than stressing about clutter.
  • Find what you need when you need it.
  • Get organized faster and more efficiently by having an expert lead the organizing process.
  • Really get it done. Instead of telling yourself you’ll get organized next weekend, it will get done.
  • Get organized even if you’re not home. Once we set-up your customized systems, we can get your home organized while you live life.
  • Learn organizing strategies and tools that you and your family can use for a lifetime.

The details:

  • Each monthly session is scheduled for up to 3 hours, with extra hours available for an additional charge.
  • Cancel at any time, no risk or long term commitment.
  • Receive two months free if you purchase an annual subscription in advance.


I have worked with Casey Hazlett several times this past year, and it has been an incredibly valuable experience for me. She has helped me tackle the problem areas and come up with a system that works for me. She is focused, attentive, kind, non-judgmental, efficient, and action-oriented. When I was tired after two hours of diving into my clutter, her enthusiasm for figuring out a workable system carried us. Cost-effective and empowering! I would highly recommend working with Casey Hazlett of Sustainably Organized!
— Annie G.