Three Tips to Make Back-to-School Easier

The kids are back to school. For many parents, that may mean the days calm down a little bit, but also means the mornings and evenings are jammed full getting out the door and then coming home to get ready for the next day. Here are three tips to get the kiddos involved in organizing and keeping up sustainable systems.

1.     Create a Homework Station – A homework station is a place that contains the essentials for each kiddo to get their homework or projects done. It’s also a place that can be easily loaded up when it’s time to clean up. A tote or tray can work well. Don’t forget to give the homework station a place to live when not in use (like a hall closet or a kiddo’s room) and add a label to keep them straight.

2.     Give Kiddos Access to Their Own Stuff – Think about what you’d like your kids to easily reach on their own. Is it snacks in the fridge or pantry? Is it their own plates, bowls and cups? Make sure these items are kept in a place that they can easily reach and are labeled with words or pictures. Keeping these areas organized (like refilling the bin with granola bars or putting away the dishes from the dishwasher) is something they can help with too!

3.     Create a Landing Pad – A landing pad is a place where you keep your kiddos backpacks, lunch bags and coats. It can also the be place where you keep your own purse, keys and anything else you need to set down the minute to you get in the door. The best part is that if everything has a place, then it’s easy to unload, restock and get out the door the next morning. Keep things on hooks so that they are off the floor and it’s easy to know exactly where each item belongs. Hooks can go on a wall or on the back of a closet door.

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