5 Tips to Make Moving Easy

Are you moving homes this summer? Planning a move entails so many details and so much time. Here are our favorite tips to let go of the stress and make your next move easy!

Tip 1 - Start your decluttering as early as possible. Decluttering will help showcase your home's full potential and may eliminate the need for staging. If you make decisions about what to keep now, you only need to move the things you still love and need. You'll also avoid spending time and money to move things you no longer want.

Tip 2 - Create a space plan for your new home. Map out where each piece of furniture will go in your new home to see how your furniture fits into each room. This can be especially helpful when downsizing and moving into a smaller home. It will also help your moving company know what items go where so you don't have to move things around after your movers have left.

Tip 3 - Create a moving schedule and handbook. A timeline will help you make progress over time, rather than feeling like you have to do everything at once. A moving checklist will allow you to keep all your to dos in one spot and allow you and your family to divide and conquer. Need a moving checklist? Contact us!

Tip 4 - Label each box and label each room. Mark each box with the name of the room it's moving to. Create signs for each room or space in your new home. This will allow your moving company to know where each box goes without your input during the day of the move. With so much happening the day of your move, make it easy for others to know where things go without having to ask you each time.

Tip 5 - Unpack in stages. Make a list of the rooms that need to be unpacked first and which ones can wait a few days. Typically, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms need to be unpacked first. Make a box labeled "Open First". Hand carry this box to your new home and pack it with the essentials like box opener, cleaning products, towels, soap and TP to get started in your new home.

Would you like us to unpack, organize and set-up systems in your new kitchen and pantry? Contact us for a no cost, no pressure phone consultation.