10 Quick Tips for Garage and Garden Organization

Are you ready to get outside? Let’s prepare for spring with my top 10 quick tips for garage and garden organization. Getting organized now will make it easier to enjoy your outside space when the sun is finally here to stay (…for a while).

Tip  1 – Organizing the garage? First sort things into simple categories: keep and let go. Need ideas on where to donate stuff? Check out my resource list for donations here.

Tip 2 – Once you know what you’re keeping in the garage, sort into broad categories. Think about creating similar categories as they use at home improvement stores. Check out a home improvement store website to get ideas on what categories make sense for your specific stuff.

Tip 3 – Organizing outside and live with someone else? Chances are your things will be intermingled in the garage. Get your partner outside with you and make decisions together, or assign one person for each category to make decisions about what to keep.

Tip 4 – Giving things away to family or friends? Take a photo of the thing that you want to give away. Text the photo to the friend or family and ask if they want it. Give them a deadline by when they need to pick it up or let them know it’s going to be donated.

Tip 5 – Have extra paint that you are keeping for touch-ups? Label each container with the room and date it was last used.

Tip 6 – Use the vertical space on the sides of your garage to maximize storage. Lining the walls with shelves or hooks creates a great opportunity to make the most of your space. Check out these new ideas!

Tip 7 – Sustain your organized garage by having an area or box set aside for ongoing donations. That way when you have something that needs to be donated, it doesn’t get lost among everything else. When your bin get full, make a trip to drop-off or call for a pick-up.

Tip 8 – Get a kit together of things you use most frequently to garden. Your gloves, trowel, kneeling pad, etc. Put your tools and supplies in a bucket that you can grab quickly to start working in the garden the next time the sun is out.

Tip 9 – Using fertilizer on your plants and can’t remember which plants need what? Label each bag of fertilizer with the plants that need it and when to apply. Put a reoccurring note on your calendar to remember for future years.

Tip 10 – Starting a garden? Create a map of what you plant and where you plant it so you know what’s going to grow where. Include when the veggies should be ready for harvesting on your map too!

Want hands-on help to get your garage organized and in shape for summer? Contact me for a consultation!