5 Steps to Organize Kid’s Clothes

Are you overwhelmed dealing with kid’s clothes? Do you have clothes you’re saving for a kiddo to grow into? This month I helped a mom set up a system to deal with her boys’ clothes. She went from “overwhelmed just thinking about it” to “it’s easier than I thought” with our signature organizing process! Here’s how:

1.     Create a Plan – We answered these questions to create our plan:

What categories to sort into? We decided on keep, sell and donate.

What did she wanted to do with the clothes she’s ready to let go? She decided on a mom support group for donations and a consignment shop to sell.

When is the project going to get done? We decided a three hour chunk of time and put it in her calendar.

What categories of sizes to keep? Her boys started out big and kept on growing, so she decided to keep only a small amount of newborn to 6 months and a larger amount of 6 to 18 months.

What size clothes are the kids are currently wearing? She went through their closets and pulled out everything that didn’t currently fit and sorted them during Step 2 below.

Where was the project going to happen? She had space in her TV room so she could spread out and stay entertained while sorting and making decisions.

How much to keep? She decided to keep 3-4 weeks of clothes for each boy. To figure out how many clothes each boy actually wears, she’s designated an area for “worn clothes” in each of their closets to find out what ends up there after 3-4 weeks.

2.     Make Decisions

She had bins of mixed up clothes in her storage area. She sorted one at a time into the categories identified during Step 1 above.

Her goal was to have one bin for each size category. Once she was done sorting, if she had more than one bin of each size, she re-assessed them to only keep one bin “with a lid that would close” :)

3.     Find a Home

She had a storage area to keep the clothes she was saving. She had bins that fit onto the shelves. She’s keeping the bin of the next size for each kiddo closest to the door so she can easily grab it when they are ready.

4.     Label Everything

She labeled two sides of each bin with the size of clothing inside and any other notes (i.e. specific holiday outfits) so she can see at a glance what’s in each box.

5.     Sustain Your Space

How to keep up with boys that keep on growing? She’s labeled a bin in each of their closets as “clothes that don’t fit”. When she’s busy getting them ready and doesn’t have time right then to deal with the clothes that don’t fit, she throws them into the bin. When the bin is full or she has few spare minutes she sorts them into the bins in the storage area.

She also created bins for clothes that her oldest hasn’t grown into yet. He’s currently in 5T, but she’s keeping bins for 6-7 for hand-me-downs and to make it easy once he’s in the that size.

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