12 Ways for Organized Holidays

Excited to get out the holiday décor and kick off the season? Here are 12 tips to get you organized and make this time of year a little less stressful and a little more fun.

Tip 1 – Ready to put up your décor? Check each piece to see if you still love it and if it’s in good shape. If it’s not being displayed this year, consider letting it go. Holding on to things you no longer use or love makes it harder to find everything else.

Tip 2 – Set a goal and plan your time. Identify your commitments for the holidays. Put the events on your calendar and think about what you’ll need to get ready (make a dish, get a new outfit, buy and wrap a gift). Figure out time when you’ll get everything done and add a few minutes more than you think you’ll need. Less stress = more fun!

Tip 3 – Have gift ideas for each person on your list? Write them down or keep on your phone with Notes or Evernote so you have easy access when it’s time to buy. You can add to the list throughout the year to make the holiday shopping easier.

Tip 4 – Clean out the fridge and freezer. Prep your fridge so you have room to store extra food and clean out the freezer to make room for leftovers.

Tip 5 – Create a portable gift wrapping station. This can be as easy as a bin or caddy that has your essentials like tape, scissors, pens, tags and bows. Making it portable means you can wrap gifts in any room and take your supplies with you.

Tip 6 – Getting ready to host a big meal? Consider getting out your serving dishes early to make sure you have the right sizes available. Use a sticky note to indicate which recipe will go in each dish.

Tip 7 – Organize your ornaments. Ornament boxes are great to keep your keepsakes safe and easy to find. Ornament boxes also make great storage for lightbulbs too! Have tiny ornaments? Store them in egg cartons.

Tip 8 – Do you get frustrated when opening a bin full of tangled up lights? Use zip ties! When you put them away this year, use 2 zip ties for each bundle of lights. Extra credit for putting a label on each string of lights to remind you where they are used.

Tip 9 – Do you set up your décor the same way every year? Make it easier by taking a photo and writing down any set-up steps. Put the photo and the steps in your bin so you’ll have easy access next year.

Tip 10 – Sending out holiday cards? Automate your list by putting names and addresses on a spreadsheet. Use one cell for each piece of info (first name, last name, address, city, state, zip). Printing off labels saves time and you can ask for help to put the labels and stamps on envelopes.

Tip 11 – Ask for help and delegate! Do you love wrapping, but get tired when there are so many bows to tie? Get help! Maybe it’s a babysitter who can help out after the kiddos go to bed.

Tip 12 – Label your bins! Labeling each bin with the topic (like Christmas) and any details (like table décor) makes decorating so much easier and you can do a few things at a time rather than feel like it all has to happen at once.

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