Do you make people give up their stuff?

Last week I was lucky to spend three days on a beautiful property in Montana at an art retreat with 22 inspiring women. I didn’t know many of the ladies there and one of the main questions they asked as we got to know each other was some version of “how do you make your clients get rid of their stuff?”

I thought it was interesting that so many had the same opening question. I’m guessing it’s from the organizing advice columns in magazines and books as well as all the organizing tv shows. And maybe thinking about what it’s like to have someone new come into your space to help make changes can be uneasy, uncertain and takes a leap of faith. Responding to these questions made me reflect on the perspective I have when helping people make decisions about what to keep. This month’s blog is a little different than usual, and I wanted to share more about how I see myself as a facilitator and partner to help clients be confident in their decisions about what to keep and what to let go of.

I try to ask questions that allow my clients gain clarity on what their stuff means to them and figure out what they still use, love and want. I offer creative ways to look at their things in a different light. I hope to listen with compassion to the stories, memories and emotions that people share about what their things represent and provide space to decide whether those are memories they want to keep around or are ready to let go.

For those items that clients decide to keep, we figure out how easily they need to be accessed and where they can live, so that they can be found when needed.

For those items that clients decide to let go, we figure out where they can find a new home where they will be appreciated by a new owner.

Do you have an item that you’re not sure whether to keep or let go? Contact me for a conversation and we’ll figure it out together.