5 Places to do More With What You Already Have

Feeling cramped in your home? Reclaim your space with fresh eyes for the things you love and need to enjoy your home more in 2017.

1.     Doors – Use the space behind doors for extra storage using an over-the-door hanging organizer. Is it the door to the bathroom? Use the space for overflow or rarely used toiletries and keep only what you use every day in the bathroom cabinets. Is it the door for the coat closet? Use the space for mittens, hats and everything you need to keep warm during the winter months and get out the door faster with less stress in the mornings. A great solution is this door rack.

2.     Guest Bedroom – Have a guest bedroom that’s turned into the catch-all space? Think about what you’d like to have more room to do – maybe it’s turning the space into playroom. Create more room by getting a murphy bed with a quality mattress to free up floor space. If you need more art space for the kiddos, paint the bottom of the murphy bed with chalkboard paint so they can be creative when the bed is not in use.

3.     Attic or basement – Think about what you need to store and avoid piling things in the space. Are you storing holiday décor or clothes for your kiddos that you are holding onto until they grow into them? Line the perimeter of the room with shelves with storage bins, keeping the middle open for easy access. Only buy new bins once you know what’s going to go in them and where are they going to be stored. Don’t forget to label at least 2 sides of each bin so you can know what’s inside even if the bin gets turned sideways.

4.     Office – Is your desk set-up to be ergonomically comfortable? Have you been wanting to try a standing desk? If your monitor or laptop needs to be higher to get it at eye level, repurpose something you already own, like a box or drawer, to set your laptop or monitor on. Use the bin or drawer for additional office supply storage.

5.     Vertical Space – Look for unused vertical space in every room. Do you have space to install shelves to create more storage and help you stay organized? Think about space above the toilet or to the sides of the sink in the bathroom. These are great for often used bathroom supplies. Do you have a partial empty wall in the living room? Use it as a place to set up a household command station.