5 Simple Tips to Enjoy the Holidays Rather Than Just Survive Them

Are you ready for the holidays? Consider these 5 simple tips to create a plan so you can enjoy them rather than just survive them.

Tip 1 - How much time do you need to get ready for the holidays?

Think about doubling it to allow time for the unexpected and a little extra relaxation. If you are getting down the holiday décor and see that Rudolph lost a leg, consider how you can fix it before throwing it out. Make sure things (like gift bags) are stored properly so they can be reused each year instead of being crammed in a box where they could be damaged and need to be replaced. If you are planning to wrap gifts, consider creating a supply bin with everything you’ll need that can be quickly grabbed and transported to wherever you end up wrapping.

Tip 2 - Moving furniture to display your holiday décor or having guests staying overnight?

Looking at each room you’ll use during the holidays, think about it as an opportunity to declutter and re-organize. If you are moving a piece of furniture to fit more holiday décor in the living room, consider what’s currently in there that’s no longer needed and can be donated. Are you planning to use your guest room for guests instead of a storage room? Consider giving yourself some time to make thoughtful decisions about where’s the best home for the stuff or if you still need or love it, rather than hiding everything in a closet.

Tip 3 - Need a plan to deal with the new toys, games and stuff that comes home during the holidays?

Now is the time to clear space to make room for the new stuff that’s coming in. What toys are no longer played with and can be let go? Donate, fix what’s broken, or even consider having a party with friends to trade toys so you don’t have to buy new ones for your kiddos.

Tip 4 - Have you inventoried what you already have before heading out to shop?

Gift wrap, holiday décor, baking supplies and presents that you’ve been saving to re-gift are just a few categories to check before you head out to shop. You’ll save time and money shopping at home first before heading out to the stores.

Tip 5 - Do you have décor or other supplies (like saved ribbon) that you hold on to but don’t ever seem to use or display?

If you don’t use it this year, consider donating or giving to a family member that would appreciate them to clear the clutter.

Bonus Tip - Need a reason to clean out the Tupperware drawer?

If you are hosting a holiday meal and planning to send home leftovers with your guests, this is your chance to clear the clutter in the Tupperware drawer and make sure you have the sizes you use (or can give away) and every bottom and top have a match.