3 Tips to (Finally) Get Unpacked From Your Move

Did you move this summer (or maybe years ago) and still have boxes to get unpacked?

It’s completely normal to have boxes in your garage, basement or closets that didn’t get unpacked right away after a move. Maybe they didn’t contain items you needed since the move, you couldn’t remember what was in them or you just plain dreaded opening them. Whatever the reason, these tips are all about creating a plan and gaining the motivation to get them unpacked and reduce the clutter they are causing.

Tip 1 – Set a Plan

Count the number of boxes you have (don’t forget to look in all the places you might have unopened boxes lurking – like the garage and basement). Once you know what you are dealing with, set a goal of unpacking 2 boxes at a time. Give yourself about an hour to unpack 2 boxes (if you finish early, unpack a third box or celebrate your extra time and relax). Next, think about when you’ll have time to do the unpacking AND when you’ll feel motivated to unpack. Do you have an hour each Tuesday morning when you don’t see clients AND do you have energy in the mornings? Then, figure out how many sessions you’ll need to schedule to get all the boxes unpacked. Finally, put the unpacking sessions on your calendar.

Tip 2 – Get Ready

You’ll need a box cutter or scissors to make opening easy. I also recommend that you have a donation/give-a-way box handy. You might find that you’ve lived without these items long enough and are ready to let them go. Depending on what room the contents belong to, move the box to that room before you start unpacking. Make sure you have room in the recycling bin for the packing materials and decide what you’ll do with the boxes. Post them on Nextdoor or sell on Craigslist?

Tip 3 – Create your Motivation

Lacking the drive to dive into this project? Consider habit stacking. Habit stacking is when you add an already existing habit that you enjoy to a habit that you want to build into your routine. So, maybe you get to watch an episode of your current favorite Netflix show while you unpack your 2 boxes. Also think about inviting a friend to help…someone to make it fun, as well as to keep you motivated and on task. And, some extra motivation…you know that yucky feeling you get when you look at those boxes? Once you’ve unpacked everything you get to kick that feeling to the curb along with all those boxes.

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