1 Simple Tip to Save Time and Money During Back to School

Before you go shopping for back to school supplies and clothes, go shopping at home first. This one simple tip will save you time and money. How it works...

Supplies – Do you have a closet full of supplies you’ve been saving? Get your school supply list and go shopping in your closet first. Find supplies that you not are going to use this year? Consider donating them to Schoolhouse Supplies or Scrap.

Clothes – Have a bin (or bins) of clothes that you’ve been saving until they fit your kiddos? Go through these clothes first. Consider donating clothes that they’ve outgrown to The Arc. Have clothes that are still too big? Put a sticky note on the bin with the specific sizes and types of clothing so you can easily know what’s inside when you’re ready.

Once you’ve shopped at home first, make a list of what you still need, including size, quantity and where to buy. This will help you stay organized and save time on your trip.